v.1.2 + Free DLC!

New free DLC! (It comes pre-installed by default in the itchio version)

-Bikey's Jukebox: The great bard Bikey has come from forgotten lands. Relive the great moments of the adventure with the tracks of the original soundtrack.


-Corrected expressions and jokes in English and Japanese.

-Some names did not correspond to the character who spoke. (Max after breaking a glass and delivery boy Thomas)

-The Narrator's life bar didn't appear if you didn't play in Spanish.

-When you are in a dark room the UI was hidden.

-Disabled Vector filter for death sprites. (Due to lack of resolution it looked bad)

-Revision of the hitbox system of the enemies. (Before you could install a boss using weapon combinations).

-Now no FXs play in the background if you die during a fight against Trupper or the secret island jellyfish.

-Fixes for deactivation of enemies.

-Now when you buy a map or get a rune plus indicators appear on how to use them.

-Adjusted some sounds.


-If you go directly to the warehouse you couldn't finish the game due to lack of key items. (Now the progression is forced by code)


-If Joe is killed and you exit and re-enter the game, the vegetables reappear.

Enchanted Mansion:

-Problems with collisions in the Secret Tree level.

-The lost souls inside the house would appear even if you didn't have the crystal ball.


-Transition issues to 3D Mouse mode.

Crystal Mine:

-If you left the FlatLand level to the left it could generate errors.

-The character could get stuck in the transitions of the room with many posters.

-The ice of the crystal mine reappeared. And doing this infinite times could break the zrinquets of the UI.

-The sound of the bombs of the bird heroes overlap.

-New track for the glitch zone.


-There was a diagonal transition where you could get stuck.


Hello everyone! I'm José "Josyan", I wanted to thank you all again for supporting the game and sharing your moments with me, it's been amazing <3

Unfortunately I don't have help for QA and there are many things that are being really complicated to fix.

I just wanted you to keep that in mind. I hope you'll still enjoy all the fixes and the new DLC, and hopefully I'll be able to do some more extra content in the future.

Only time will tell...




Feb 08, 2023


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Thank you for giving us a free DLC 

Thanks to you for playing! <3