Here comes a big patch with a lot of fixes.


  • Text fixes.
  • Now the lost files output the correct language.
  • Leaving the casino shooting game screen when the money won has not yet been added up loses the money won.
  • Fixed in the audio of the coins.
  • If you skip the main cinematic, and then skip Max's dialogue very quickly, the game UI doesn't come out and you can't press any buttons.


  • Vertical transition positions the camera wrong.
  • Fixed ground textures bug.
  • One of the running coin bags was having issues with its collision.
  • If you load the game having helped Joe with the vegetables and return there, it crashes the game.


  • The question mark is not removed from the puzzle room of darkness.
  • Mouse Holes: If you attack and enter the hole it stays flashing on the mouse switch animation.


  • The latest news text is now available in English.

Trupper Laboratory:

  • Fixed computer XZ event for Japanese language.
  • The interior of the van had no collision with the wall.
  • Adjusted spawn points for when you fall down a hole.

If you have any other problems or any of these fixes don't work, remember that you can report bugs through the steam forums.




UnderDungeon_v.1.1_itchio.zip 502 MB
Jan 16, 2023

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