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Enjoy your favorite desktop applications with the comfort and ease that StarOS offers you with its revolutionary graphical interface.From listening to your favorite music, drawing amazing works of art to being able to browse the TXT network.

Includes 6 completely unique video games!

Enjoy these experiences in which you can visit the inside of a mysterious castle, be an adventurer traveling through the dark forest or a prisoner who must escape from a gloomy prison.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Tags2D, Creepy, Horror, Pixel Art, Spooky

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I am very torn in writing this review. I can't say that I didn't enjoy the game itself; it's a great OS game concept, and the foundation for creating a good story is there. The problem, however, lies right here: once the game is finished,  the story remains foggy, confusing, and there are too many beginnings that don't seem to connect with each other.

What I can say positively is that it entertained me, and aside from the story, I enjoyed everything else, especially the OST. There are also some interesting twists; if they had been well-exploited with a more coherent story, it would have been a little gem.

It still remains a good game to spend about an hour or a little more on.


Thanks for the review, I really appreciate the sincerity here to keep improving in future projects.

I'm surprised that people are liking the OST so much, since it's the first one I've produced and recorded.

Thanks for playing!

holy flip this is so good. Yet to unlock whatever the pentagram does but holy hell. I felt like, crazy immersed the entire time, probably moreso than most larger titles. I'm also very excited  to dig into its more ARG like features such as the coordinates or the Underdungeon guy from the tree. Josyan is honestly one of my fav devs and I look forward to whatever he makes next.

10/10, brilliant.

Thank you very much for your words, I appreciate them very much

I've found this game yesterday ӑἦđ Ị ḏồῃ'ť ṝéɡŕөʈ ιԷ. 10/10

An experience you won't be able to forget.


yo si que te voy a dar experiencia

very good

thanks very good man

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What date wll this  become un-canceled? ;)

Now! I guess