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Got this through Steam, and it's great, but how does one get it to work with a controller instead of keyboard? Tried everything...

Hi, thanks for buying the game on both sites :)

Out of curiosity which controller do you use? 

I say this because in theory it should detect if you are using a controller or keyboard automatically.


Thanks for your swift answer. Got the invaders game too. :-)

I tried with an Xbox One controller, and several different 8bitdo controllers, to no avail.

First I thought I might have connected the controller after loading up the game, so exited, connected, reloaded the game but can only use the keyboard. It's perfectly playable that way, but perhaps not as comfortable as with the controller.

Thanks! <3

And the gamepads... Umm, it's pretty weird.
It is possible that you have a program like Xpadder open or something like that that messes the inputs of the gamepads?

So, after much searching, it turns out the culprit was having Xbox configuration support "on" in Steam settings. If one turns it off, all works fine. :-)

Such a fun and cute game, loved it!!

Precioso homenaje a los juegos de plataformas fijas de antaño, de hecho, está tan bien hecho que podríamos pensar que es un port de PC de un famoso juego que robaba miradas (y monedas) en los salones arcade.

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Lo he jugado en Nintendo Switch, y está muy bién. Enhorabuena Josyan.

Muchísimas gracias :)

It would be pretty cool to have online leaderboards :)

Ganazas! Really looking forward!