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this game looks awesome!

Will you Port the game to Android or Mac?


Buen juego, acabo de probarlo y esta muy bien, ademas funciona en Linux usando WINE (un software, no emulador, que permite ejecutar mucho software para Windows). Una pena que se haya cancelado

Good game, I just tried it and it’s very good, and it works on Linux using WINE (a software, not an emulator, that allows you to run a lot of Windows software). A pity it has been cancelled

Nice game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 06:37:17. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. :-)


Thanks for sharing! ^^

nice work , would love more - 

I find a bug in the crocodile boss that make this boss jump to the sky and disappearing, making to beat him impossible.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately it's a prototype I don't think I can spend any more time on :/

Where I can see the instructions of the game?

how many levels are in the game

I really enjoyed the game, I hope one day you complete the game.

Thanks a lot for your words! <3

Really great works, it looks like a genesis game to me. Congrats for this game.

Thanks! <3


You guys should re-think if you don't want to finish this gem up. It's very pretty! Kickstarter?


We would like to finish it in the future.
But it's kind of hard right now...

The game looks really cool! I will totally buy this if it has a main menu. Options that would enable full screen mode, controller configurations, sound options (with volume slider as well) and other options (like quitting the game lol). In-game pause menu with options as well. Also checkpoints.

Thanks for your words! :)
Maybe in the future...

Gracias por el juego

A ti por jugar! :)

This is awesome, thanks for sharing the demo! Is there a way to change movement keys from WASD to arrow keys?

Ey! Thanks for playing <3

Check the last build that I just uploaded for playing with arrows :)

looks very impressive! can it be downloaded somehow?

yeah, I’d love to try it out!

Thanks guys!
Prototype demo it's coming ASAP.